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You've Installed a WordPress Blog – Now What?

If you've spent much time online looking to build a blog, create a personal website, or find a content management system, you've undoubtedly heard of WordPress. While WordPress has been around for a while, its popularity as a website and blogging platform has grown immensely in the last year thanks to new versions 2.7 and

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What is a Top-Level Domain, Anyway?

You may have heard of the term top-level domain, often referred to as TLD, when talking about domain registration. The top-level domain is the .com or other extension that follows your individual domain. They fall into two categories - generic TLDs and country-specific TLDs. Currently there are just over 20 generic top-level domains (the most

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Track Your Brand: Social Monitoring Deep Search Basics

Our last post focused on how to own your online presence, but also equally important is monitoring what other people are saying about you online. Whether you're a company, a freelancer, or just an individual who wants to be more active online, it's important to gauge both the amount of activity and the sentiment surrounding

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