We’ve got two exciting new email products to share with all of our current and future customers! Check out Business Email and Personal Mobility pages for all the details.

Here are the basics:

Business Email

Business Email is powered by Open-Xchange and provides users with a complete collaboration solution for small business email. This includes shared inboxes, folders, calendars, tasks, contacts, and documents for all users on a specific network. You may know of similar solutions such as Microsoft Exchange or other programs that allow for sharing, but our Business Email manages to give you those same features at a price that small businesses can afford. Subscriptions are only $4.99 per month per user and only requires a basic email or web hosting account with Domain.com, compared to hundreds of dollars in set-up costs plus expensive annual subscriptions with other similar products.

Business Email is compatible with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, and it also has its own fully-functional webmail interface that includes full sharing functionality. Additionally, Business Email comes with Personal Mobility, which lets you securely access your email on the go from your smartphone.

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Personal Mobility

Personal Mobility provides you with an easy way to sync email, calendars, and tasks with your smartphone. It works with most common smartphone models, including iPhones, Blackberries, and other popular phones like the Motorola Droid. It features push notifications for your phone, and keeps everything in sync between your desktop, webmail, and mobile email. While it’s included with every Business Email subscription, Personal Mobility is also available as a standalone product for just $1.99 per month per user.

These products are a perfect solution for a small business owner looking to improve collaboration and efficiency. By including full collaboration and calendar sharing tools with email, employees or individuals in an organization can always be connected and on the same page. Learn more about these great products today!