With the launch of the Chrome Web App Store yesterday, we’ve added two new features for Domain.com users to make their Domain.com experience better when using the Google Chrome browser:

Domain.com Search Extension

With the Domain.com Domain Search Extension, you can search for a domain with the click of a button from the top of your browser. When you install the extension, it’ll add a small button next to the omnibox. Clicking that button opens a small window where you can search for a domain and go straight to the availability results. It’s perfect for those of you who find yourself regularly searching for domains!

Add the Domain.com Domain Search Extension to Google Chrome

Domain.com Chrome App

With the launch of the new Chrome web store, you’ll notice that in the newest version of chrome whenever you open a new tab, your applications are listed as icons near the top of the page. Adding the Domain.com app to your browser makes it extremely easy to navigate to Domain.com without having to use a bookmark, search on Google, or type in the address to your browser bar.

Add the Domain.com web app to Google Chrome

For Customers Using other Browsers:

If you don’t use Google Chrome but do use Internet Explorer or Firefox and want to have similar domain search functionality built in to your browser, you can use our Domain Search Browser Integration that we just added recently.