In the fall of 2010, we announced new green partnerships and the purchase of renewable energy credits to offset the environmental impact of the large amount of energy it takes to power and cool our hosting servers. We wanted to give a quick update of where things are at!

To date, we have offset over 400,000 Kilowatt hours of energy use with wind renewable energy credits from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. That is equivalent to the average amount of energy that 120 people have consumed during that same time period!

We have also planted over 10,000 trees through the Trees for the Future program! This program helps support education on tree planting and providing trees to villages and rural areas around the globe.

When we launched the campaign, we also made a commitment to be better about being environmentally conscious in our office. We gave all employees new shopping/tote bags which we still see around the office on a regular basis. We also gave each employee a stainless steel water bottle to cut down our use of paper cups (and then we did away entirely with the paper cups!):

We’ve also added more recycling boxes around the office to make sure that we’re not creating more trash than necessary, and implemented lots of other small initiatives that have slowly moved us towards been a more sustainable, environmentally friendly company.

We continue to look for new opportunities to support green initiatives, and if you are a hosting customer, we encourage you to add one of our green hosting badges to your website to promote to visitors that the energy required to power your website is offset by renewable energy credits!