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Why We'll Be Selling .XXX Domains

We're the first domain registrar to come out and say it... Yes, we do plan on selling .XXX domains when they become available. Read on to learn why. Background on .XXX ICANN has debated and delayed the creation of .XXX for years, but in late March they finally decided to allow it. During the debate

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Winning the War on Botnets?

Following up the fun we had yesterday with the fictional uprising of the Skynet computer network from the Terminator series, we thought we'd touch base on a more serious issue. Botnets and the negative activities they can promote are one of the banes of online companies, and we're no exception. Two major problems they pose

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Save on Domains and Hosting before the Terminator Apocalypse!

Skynet has become self-aware, and today is set to release their terminator army to wage war on humans. This means you probably need to hurry and snap up any Domains you've been thinking about and quickly build a website with our Web Hosting. Today only, save 15% on your order with coupon code SKYNET.

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