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Are you a Fan? Spread the Word!

We know we have many loyal customers and fans out there, but the unfortunate reality is that the people who are angry shout the loudest. Social networks are great mechanisms for customer feedback both positive and negative, but the natural tendency of customers of many companies online is only to post negative comments when

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The World Didn't End Yesterday. Time to Get On It!

We pre-scheduled this blog post on Friday to make sure we had our bases covered in case the world actually DID end.If you're reading this, the world didn't end yesterday. That's not to say things haven't devolved into chaos with flesh-eating zombies everywhere. We just don't know what may have happened, but hopefully you were

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You Could be the Next LinkedIn

If you've been watching the stock markets and finiancial news today, you will have noticed that LinkedIn had a very good day. Professional social-networking website LinkedIn went public today, and while they had initally valued their stock at $45 per share, by the end of the day it closed at $94 per share, more than

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Domain Names and Websites Are a Unique Graduation Gift!

It's graduation season for high schools, secondary schools and universities around the world. If you're pondering gift ideas for the graduates in your life and want to give something more unique than cash, we'd suggest that a domain name and website is a highly useful gift for new graduates. Here are three big reasons why:

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