It’s the season of giving and for many small businesses, bloggers, and ecommerce sites, the holiday season is the perfect time to engage your customers in a creative, festive way. If you’re new to the online space and want to get started now, or you’re thinking about promoting a specialized holiday campaign, we want to help you find the perfect domains to fit your ideas.

In this month’s roundup, we’ve chosen to highlight our top three holiday inspired domain names.


.GIVES Domain Names Now Available!

.GIVES, a domain extension centered on the idea of giving back, is perfect to promote your fundraisers, charity events, and good cause campaigns. Individuals and organizations looking to help communities across the globe are now able to steer away from the traditionally used .ORGs and .COMs to secure names that represent causes for social good.

Target donors who prefer giving to social causes online with a name that directly tells them what your website is all about. Did you know that most donors are from the Baby Boomer generation (born between 1946-1962), and provide over 32% of overall online giving?[1] Reach this group and many others with a domain name that resonates.

Register your .GIVES today! 



A domain name for celebrations, .HOLIDAY is a great option for businesses promoting holiday themed products and services. If you’re in the greeting card business or you have a mom & pop party supply store, the .HOLIDAY domain name works as a creative, fun extension to brand your idea online!

On an individual level, .HOLIDAY can be used as a festive online invitation to any holiday inspired gathering. Finally start that personal website and blog about home décor. Build your own event planning website, or even set-up an online honeymoon fund for your wedding.

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Search .GIFT Domain Names Now Available!

Building a campaign around gratitude during the holiday season is a great way to give back to your community. The new extension, .GIFT, can be used for anything from specialty marketing campaigns and landing pages, to gift idea blogs. Along the theme of giving, .GIFT can be used by non-profits collecting for local food banks and shelters.

Giving a meaningful gift to someone in need during this season is often more satisfying than receiving one. A study conducted by states that approximately 73% of respondents would prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else instead of a traditional gift like clothing or electronics.[2] Your customers might appreciate donating to a local cause under a loved ones name and gifting them with a statement of the donation. Perfect the messaging and purpose of your holiday campaigns with an impactful, yet creative domain name.

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We hope these extensions encourage you to get creative with your next domain name. Other holiday inspired extensions like .CHRISTMAS, .VACATIONS, and .SOCIAL are also great for this season and for the upcoming New Year. Which extension is your favorite? What would you use it for? Be sure to leave us a comment below or tweet us @domaindotcom.

To keep you informed, we’ll be doing more roundup blog posts to help you learn about all the new, exciting domain extensions that will continue to roll out. Stay tuned!