What do TrashyRat.club, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, a Superhero, and startups have in common? They were all essential parts of this past weekend’s TechCrunch Disrupt New York Hackathon! The Domain.com team and the .CLUB Superhero were on-site all weekend to assist teams with launching their startup, offering everything from domain name ideas to help with technical troubleshooting. To get their projects ready for final presentations, we provided hackers with a .CLUB domain name, domain privacy, and a year of web hosting– all at no cost to them. A total of 29 projects took advantage of our .CLUB offer in hopes of attracting the attention of the .CLUB Superhero and his $5,000 prize, including our personal favorite domain name TrashyRat.club. Not only was the Superhero looking for the best use of a .CLUB domain name, but he was also considering the startup’s idea, their pitch, and the design of their .CLUB website.

Make no mistake, hacking is hard work! You can’t complete a 24 hacking challenge without fuel and high morale. At midnight, we gave the hackers the boost they needed to make it through the final hours with midnight pizza and beer. Hackers were also challenged to answer the trivia question found on their napkins. All day, hackers were admiring the Star Wars Lego sets, the Raspberry Pis, and other tech-trinkets on display in the Domain.com Treasure Chest. All they had to do was tell us the password for the WOPR computer from the movie WarGames to be entered into a random drawing. When the winners picked up their prizes at 2 a.m., they were all smiles despite the onset of sleep deprivation.

The competition at the Disrupt Hackathon was stiff, especially for the teams competing in the .CLUB $5,000 giveaway. With 29 .CLUB entries to consider, the .CLUB Superhero looked to the Domain.com team for help. At the conclusion of team presentations, we finally selected HomeCookers.club as the $5,000 winner. This team was on our radar during the entire Hackathon. Not only was this team one of the first to launch their .CLUB-backed website, but they also had their product’s pitch ready to go early Saturday afternoon. HomeCookers.club was on point the entire weekend and the win was well deserved. The overall winner of the entire Disrupt Hackathon was AlexaSite. AlexaSite made it all the way to the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt with their innovative voice-powered website builder. They demonstrated their product’s capabilities on a beautiful .CLUB website.

We want to extend our congratulations to all the teams we crossed paths with last weekend. Hackathons are not easy. They are a true test of knowledge, skill, and endurance. All 93 teams should be proud of the accomplishments made in a short 24 hours. We hope everyone had a great time hanging out with us for a while in Brooklyn. We’ll see you all again at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco!