Summer is finally here and all of us at are starting to warm up from cold winters in the Vancouver and Boston offices. It’s fitting that for June’s nTLD Roundup we’re featuring some of the hottest domain extensions of the month: .DESIGN and .STORE.


.DESIGN got its shoutout in a previous nTLD Roundup, but it’s time for .DESIGN to be in the spotlight once again. .DESIGN is ready to showcase your commitment to beautiful things, whether it’s graphic design, architecture, or even pottery. If you want to communicate your skill and passion for creative design, then a .DESIGN domain name is for you. When you choose .DESIGN, your works of art will be set apart from others with a unique and memorable domain name. Imagine all the possibilities with .DESIGN!


Just like prime real estate is essential to your brick and mortar store’s success, the right domain name can make all the difference for your ecommerce business. With a .STORE domain name, your audience will instantly know that you’re an online retailer ready to accept orders from a global market. The opportunity to attract new customers and drive sales is yours with the power of .STORE. If your ecommerce business is ready to embrace .STORE, start searching for your domain name here.

If .DESIGN and .STORE aren’t the perfect fit for your next business venture, head over to where we have 300+ domain extensions to choose from. And with dependable web hosting plans and intuitive website builders, we have all your website needs covered to get your site up and running. It all starts with a great domain!