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Data from Google Analytics should inform your decisions about what types of content to write, what keywords to use, how to organize your website, and how to market your content. But if you misread or misinterpret the data from Google Analytics, you’ll end up making poor decisions. Same thing goes for if you setup Google Analytics wrong from the start when starting your blog or website.


Here are five major mistakes people make when using Google Analytics, and how to avoid them:


 1. Only looking at aggregate traffic

Web traffic comes from many different sources—search engines, social media, referrals from other websites, emails—and Google Analytics keeps track of all of them. But many people make the mistake of only looking at the aggregate data, which combines traffic from all sources.


Reviewing specific traffic channels will give you much more information about what you need to do to improve your traffic. For example, if your traffic from social media went up during the month, but your traffic from search engines went down, you know that your social media strategies were successful, while your SEO strategies need improvement.


Another data stream to keep track of is the amount of traffic you’re getting from search engines besides Google. About 30 percent of searches performed in the U.S. come from Bing and Yahoo. If your traffic from those search engines suddenly drops off, but you aren’t checking that data, you could be losing viewers without knowing why.


Pro Tip: In order to make your channels report in Google Analytics as accurate as possible, use the URL builder. This tool ensures that Google Analytics will know exactly what source your visitors came from, even if they copy and paste links into their browsers.


 2. Lumping together traffic from different devices

Just as you should be looking at traffic from different internet sources, you should be looking at traffic from different types of devices. You can do this by adding new segments to your Channels report. You will see options for mobile traffic and tablet traffic.


If your blog is performing poorly in mobile traffic or tablet traffic, you may need to change your website design so that it better adapts to tablet and smartphone screens. It may also be helpful to know whether viewers are more likely to access your website through social media when on a mobile devices, but more likely to access through email when on a desktop.


 3. Overlooking landing pages

Your organic traffic report in Google Analytics shows you which of your keywords have been most successful. You should use this information to edit your blog and insert an optimal amount of the most successful keywords.


However, don’t forget to also look at the landing pages your visitors are coming to when they search these keywords. If you edit the keywords on your home page, but most of the visitors who searched for that keyword entered your blog through a different page, your changes will not increase your traffic.


To avoid making mistakes like this, you can add the landing page as a secondary dimension on your organic traffic report.


 4. Conflating visits with visitors

The difference between page views and unique page views is obvious when you’re looking at how much traffic your pages are getting. But when you’re looking at the number of visitors your keywords are getting, you might be fooled into thinking an unsuccessful keyword was successful.


If someone finds your website through a Google search and then bookmarks the page, those subsequent visits via bookmark will get classified as visits from keyword searches. This can result in an artificially high number of visits from a certain keyword. Incorporating that keyword into other pages on your website is not going to improve your traffic.


To avoid making this mistake, use custom reports to keep track of the unique visitors that every keyword gets.


 5. Failing to refine your goals

One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to take advantage of the goals feature in Google Analytics. This feature is extremely useful for businesses who want to track how many people go through their online purchasing process, but it can be helpful for any blogger.


Whenever you start a new marketing campaign, you should always create at least one new goal to measure the success of that campaign. For example, if you start a weekly newsletter, you can use the goals feature to measure how many people sign up for it. Without setting this goal, it might be unclear how successful this marketing campaign is.


Google Analytics can be overwhelming, but if you watch out for these common mistakes, you should be able to use it successfully. Overall, remember to always look at data carefully and use it wisely. And remember, take the time to set it up properly from the start when you buy your domain and are launching your website.


Eric Brantner is a blog entrepreneur with a portfolio of high-traffic, successful blogs in a variety of niches. You can find him at,, and on many other websites.

The team was in San Francisco to celebrate technology all week long! The first half of our trip was spent at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. We provided hackers with a .CLUB domain name, web hosting, and Domain Privacy– all at no cost to them! We paired up with our friends at .CLUB to award the team that best utilized a .CLUB domain name in their project with $5,000. While judging, we were looking for the full package. This included a great domain name, an innovative product, and a solid product pitch or demonstration. .CLUB is all about bringing people together and sharing common interests so we were excited to see over 40 projects embrace the power of a .CLUB. Notable project submissions included and Ultimately, the .CLUB Superhero and our team chose as our $5,000 winner. This team’s app allows travelers to have an interactive experience on their flights. Users can get live flight updates, receive alerts when they’re flying over landmarks, and they can chat with other high flyers on their plane. We were surprised to learn that the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon was this team’s very first hackathon! We’d say a $5,000 win is a great way to kick off a hackathon career. But they weren’t the only .CLUB-backed team to win. Over 20 other teams who used .CLUB in their project won hackathon prizes.


We finished up our trip to California with a visit to the Hak5 warehouse. If you’re not familiar with Hak5, they produce various YouTube shows focused on technology and hacking. We’ve been sponsoring Hak5 for a while now and it’s always great to see the team in person. We’re not just sponsors- we’re friends! We all got a bite to eat, learned about Darren’s hacking trip to the Middle East, and checked out the Hak5 studio. And of course, we exchanged swag before leaving.


We may not be in San Francisco anymore, but you can still catch up on all the action. If you want to view the highlights from our trip to TechCrunch Disrupt, visit our Instagram for the best shots. Learn more about and watch their one-minute product pitch here. View all of the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon project submissions here. And take a look at some photos from our trip below!


Hackers got free services from and .CLUB Registry

Hackers got free services from and .CLUB Registry

Handing our swag at our booth

Handing out swag at our booth


The .CLUB Superhero announcing the $5,000 winner

image2-1 team

The Hak5 studio!

The Hak5 studio!

Power Your TechCrunch Disrupt Startup with and .CLUB


TechCrunch is bringing one of the largest startup events back to San Francisco and will be there to kick-off the action. We’ll be at the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Hackathon September 10 and 11 to help launch new startups.


TechCrunch Disrupt Hacakthons are where groundbreaking startups are born. Attendees are challenged to develop a new product and pitch it to a panel of distinguished judges in under 24 hours. Disrupt Hackathons are high stakes; not only are teams competing to win prizes, but they’re vying for the attention of investors and a spot at the Startup Battlefield later in the week. Notable Disrupt Hackathon alumni includes GroupMe, which was ultimately acquired by Skype for $80 million.


To help teams succeed in their hacking challenge, we’ll be on-site all weekend to answer any questions teams have. To bring projects to life, we’ve paired up with our friends at .CLUB Registry to provide free .CLUB domain names. Hackers will also have access to special web hosting and Domain Privacy offers. And after his hit appearance at Disrupt New York, we’ve invited the .CLUB Superhero to join us in San Francisco. He’ll be paying particular attention to the teams that utilize a .CLUB domain name for their startup. The team that best uses .CLUB will be awarded $5,000 to put towards their startup courtesy of .CLUB Registry and


If you can’t make it to San Francisco for TechCrunch Disrupt, follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We’ll be updating live all weekend long.


Although some of the team are natives of the East Coast, we’re still challenged by the cutthroat driving of New York City and its surrounding areas. So when we took the wrong exit off the New Jersey Turnpike on our way to Holmdel, we were a little concerned that we would be taking a major detour. The detour was worth it in the end, though, when we stumbled upon the BellWorks facility in a seemingly quiet neighborhood. You’re probably wondering why Major League Hacking chose Holmdel and BellWorks for their spring season championship. The answer is simple. BellWorks, formerly a Bell Labs complex, was the home for countless innovators, progressive thinkers, and even Noble Prize winners. It also helps the the architecture of the facility and its grounds are straight up impressive. In short, the history of ingenious technology made BellWorks the perfect backdrop for 400 up-and-coming student hackers at MLH Prime.


After the MLH Prime opening ceremony, hacking kicked off in the early afternoon on August 6th. As the Official Domain Registrar of Major League Hacking, we provided each hacker with a free .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain name, one year of Domain Privacy, and one year of web hosting to get their projects started. We asked the hackers to make the most out of their project’s domain name. Whether it was the most creative, most innovative, or funniest domain name, we wanted to see teams think outside of the box. As we do at regular season MLH events, the winning team would take home a special prize. We went all out with our Best Domain Name prizes at Prime by awarding the winning team with five collector’s item LEGO sets. Hackers took up our challenge with over 25 teams showcasing their domain names at the MLH Prime Expo. After viewing the Best Domain Name submissions, we chose the BaskLITball team as the winners for their domain name This team built an electronic basketball net that blinked its LED lights when you made a basket. The net then alerts your Twitter followers of your basket with a celebratory tweet. Hackers had a series of obstacles to overcome, including limited WiFi access, so we appreciated their innovation with an “offline” hack. We also got a kick out of their use of .NET to create a punny domain name. Other notable submissions included, for their nerd glasses hack, and


MLH Prime wasn’t all serious, though! One of the best parts of MLH events is the student hacker community they support. MLH hackers are excited, intelligent, and definitely need breaks from their 24 hour hacking challenge to stay sane! Students participated in the classic MLH activity of cup stacking, enjoyed morning yoga, and even organized a scavenger hunt during downtime. Fellow MLH Prime sponsors Viacom, Bose, Ebay, and Dell provided entertainment for the hackers in the form of video games, LEGOs, and VR sets.


If you missed out on MLH Prime, check out Major League Hacking’s website for a local hacking event near you. Last year, MLH events were attended by 56,000 students of various skill levels. We encourage high school and college students to check out an event to see what it’s all about. MLH prides itself in welcoming students of all backgrounds and talents. That’s what makes their events so great. Thank you to all the students who stopped by our booth, participated in our domain challenge, and worked hard for 24 hours at BellWorks. And a huge shoutout goes to our friends at Major League Hacking for hosting a great championship event! We’ll see you all at MLH’s local regular season events. Happy hacking!


Welcome to BellWorks!

Welcome to BellWorks!

The final hours of hacking

Hacking underway Saturday afternoon

Morning yoga on Sunday morning

Morning yoga to refresh hackers after a long night

MLH Prime Expo

MLH Prime Expo

Congratulations, BaskLITball team!

Congratulations on your Best Domain Name win, BaskLITball team! nerd glasses hack! Use your eyes to move your laptop's mouse and to click nerd glasses hack! Use your eyes to move your laptop’s cursor and to click

PokemonGo hack featuring a swag bag

PokemonGo hack featuring a swag bag

LEGO sets and swag on display at the booth

LEGO sets and swag on display at the booth

All year long, we’ve been watching from afar as thousands of college and high school students hack their way through their local Major League Hacking events. Now it’s time for us to witness their talents in real time at Major League Hacking’s championship event MLH Prime! The team will be traveling to Holmdel, New Jersey to join 400 of the league’s top hackers at the spring season finale.


Hackathons combine the unique talents of hackers, creators, developers, and innovators to celebrate up-and-coming progressive thinkers. Hackathons are incredible and intense; they ask participants to step out of their comfort zone and create something great in under 24 hours. To make things a little easier for the busy hackers, we’ll be providing teams with a special offer to power their projects. And don’t worry, we’ll be bringing plenty of swag and some great prizes too!


Major League Hacking is the official student hackathon league. Last year, they hosted over 200 hackathon events worldwide. 65,000 students have come together at MLH events to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion for technology. Students of all skill levels are welcomed at MLH events, even students with no coding experience. MLH Prime is an invite-only event but for those interested, the 2017 hackathon schedule has just been announced. We encourage students who are intrigued to attend an event to see what they’re all about. MLH is committed to creating an environment where every student feels comfortable. Because of the quality of the hackathons and the impact they have on students worldwide, is proud to sponsor all regular season Major League Hacking events and MLH Prime.


We can’t wait to start connecting with the talented students attending MLH Prime. If you’re hacking at Prime, we’ll be on-site throughout the weekend to assist you with your projects. Please don’t hesitate to visit our table if you have any questions, concerns, or if you just want to chat. If you’re unable to attend Prime, keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ll be updating live all weekend. And don’t forget to follow Major League Hacking’s Facebook and Twitter for full coverage.

Good luck hackers! We’ll see you soon.


What was your business idea as a kid? A lemonade stand that funds your action figure collection? A news outlet that broadcasts the neighborhood’s latest stories? You envisioned it as a kid. Now let’s make your childhood dreams come true with .COM and .NET.


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Summer is in full swing for us at! In honor of all the fun activities on our calendars, July’s nTLD Roundup is featuring some summer-themed domain extensions. Let us introduce you to .PARTY, .CAMP, and .VACATIONS!


600X315_party (1)

There’s no better time to host a killer party than summer! If you’re a party planner, a venue, or an organization that’s all about having a good time, .PARTY is the domain extension for you. You know you can throw the best party of the summer so declare your party expertise with the perfect domain extension. Show your wild side with .PARTY!



Did you know that each year, 14 million kids and adults attend camp in the United States? With more than 14,000 summer camps operating in the U.S. right now, you need a domain name that stands out among the crowd. Choose .CAMP to help your audience identify your website and to shorten your domain name. Instead of, you can become simply GreenLake.Camp. Register your .CAMP domain name now to have your site ready for the camping season.



It wouldn’t be summer without a memorable vacation! Travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and tour groups can benefit from the instant recognition .VACATIONS provides. When your customers see your .VACATIONS domain extension, they’ll know you’re ready to offer a trip of a lifetime.


If you’re interested in .PARTY, .CAMP, or .VACATIONS, visit You can find these featured extensions plus 300 others to fit your every domain name need. Once you find your perfect domain name, get your new website up and running with a rock solid web hosting plan and products like Gmail for Work. We have everything you need to find success online.

On the Blog, we often talk about why a website for your business or startup is essential for success. But have you ever considered a website for yourself? The idea is the same: entrepreneurs and job-seekers alike should have an internet presence in order to attract the attention needed to accomplish their goals. Unlike resumes, cover letters, and social networks, a personal website can be branded exactly how you choose. You can have full control over your website’s color schemes, themes, and layouts to custom-tailor your personal brand message. Without the constraints of other mediums, a website can be created to reflect you as a professional, a designer, an entrepreneur, an engineer, or whomever you want to be. Set yourself apart from the competition and start gaining recognition online with a strong personal brand. Find out how you can get started using the four steps in the infographic below.


Personal Branding Co-Brand copy


Ready to create your new personal website? Visit and search for your .COM and .NET domain names. With recognized domain extensions, you’ll be able to expand your site’s reach and start attracting attention online. And when you add in a dependable web hosting plan, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals using your personal brand. Success online can be yours. It all starts with a great domain name.



We know that selecting a new domain name to represent your website isn’t easy. You want to make the right choice but there are thousands of options and keyword combinations to choose from. Making a decision can certainly feel overwhelming, especially if you want your website to succeed online. The right domain name is critical to your website’s success so it’s important to make an informed decision that you’re confident in. How do you even begin to explore all your options? By taking the following topics into consideration.




At, we have over 300 domain extensions to choose from, ranging from .ACADEMY all the way to .ZONE. Which extension should you choose? It all depends on your business, your marketing strategy, and your available options. Your business could never go wrong with the longevity of .COM or .NET. Sometimes, though, a .CLUB or .DESIGN is more relevant for your message or audience. If your company is based in a certain location or caters to a specific geographic area, a country code such as .CA or .US could be a solid choice. There might be a handful of domain names with various extensions that you believe are good matches for your business. Your absolute best bet is to register all of them. No matter how small your business is, it is important to protect your brand. Multiple domain names backed up with a solid SEO strategy can increase your business’ online reach. So go ahead and register your .COM, your .NET, and your .CLUB- it will only help you in the long run.



There should be a clear connection between your domain name and the topic of your website. Domains that are too vague can make it difficult for your audience to find you online, driving down your website traffic and sales. Search for a domain name that describes your business or matches your branding initiatives. If you’re a small business with a generic business name (think Smith’s Garage), adding your city to the domain name could be a wise choice. After all, you don’t need customers looking for Smith’s Garage in Chicago calling your Smith’s Garage in Miami. Explore similar factors and business characteristics that can help make your domain name more relevant to your target audience. Combine a killer domain name with the perfect extension- or extensions!- and you can be sure that your audience will be able to find your site.



Your domain name should contain the keywords that are most relevant to your business or industry. If your domain name is the exact match of a search inquiry, your website will likely appear at the top of search results. This will help your website generate valuable customer traffic. Brainstorm the most popular search terms and keywords that relate to your business. If possible, include these terms in your domain name.



Find a domain name that is catchy, short, easy to spell, and easy to say. Pronounce the domain three times aloud. Does it sound natural? Does it make sense for your business? Now imagine you’re telling a potential customer about your website. Is it easy to convey and remember? Finally, write down your domain name. Does it make sense? Is it easy to distinguish your business name and keywords, or is it hard to tell what the domain name should be conveying? All of these factors matter, especially when communicating your domain name to your audience.


A strong domain name is invaluable to the success of your website. Start exploring your domain name options now on Search for different keyword and extension combinations to find your perfect match. Remember, it all starts with a great domain name!

Summer is finally here and all of us at are starting to warm up from cold winters in the Vancouver and Boston offices. It’s fitting that for June’s nTLD Roundup we’re featuring some of the hottest domain extensions of the month: .DESIGN and .STORE.



.DESIGN got its shoutout in a previous nTLD Roundup, but it’s time for .DESIGN to be in the spotlight once again. .DESIGN is ready to showcase your commitment to beautiful things, whether it’s graphic design, architecture, or even pottery. If you want to communicate your skill and passion for creative design, then a .DESIGN domain name is for you. When you choose .DESIGN, your works of art will be set apart from others with a unique and memorable domain name. Imagine all the possibilities with .DESIGN!



Just like prime real estate is essential to your brick and mortar store’s success, the right domain name can make all the difference for your ecommerce business. With a .STORE domain name, your audience will instantly know that you’re an online retailer ready to accept orders from a global market. The opportunity to attract new customers and drive sales is yours with the power of .STORE. If your ecommerce business is ready to embrace .STORE, start searching for your domain name here.


If .DESIGN and .STORE aren’t the perfect fit for your next business venture, head over to where we have 300+ domain extensions to choose from. And with dependable web hosting plans and intuitive website builders, we have all your website needs covered to get your site up and running. It all starts with a great domain!