Many people don’t know that there’s a distinction between and – they simply know that WordPress = blog. So here’s a simple breakdown: provides a free blog hosted by There are templates and some customizations available to make your blog personalized. However, the blog address is a subdomain of rather than your own domain. is a much more robust blogging solution with huge advantages. This site is where you download the actual WordPress application – the same one that powers blogs. You can then easily install it on your own hosting with your own domain and really make the blog your own.

Outside of the reasonable cost for the hosting and domain, everything else you need can be had for free! The WordPress application is free, and there are thousands of themes, plugins, and extensions available to make the blog 100% customized for your needs. If you’re knowledgeable enough, you can create your own theme or edit a theme that someone else created. The functionality of WordPress is greatly extended with the addition of plugins (which blogs cannot use). Plugins do everything from speeding up your blog to optimizing it for search engines or even creating polls for use in blog posts.

With all the added benefits of and a self-hosted WordPress blog, that’s really the choice we strongly advise people to go with. If you go with a free blog on, you’ll quickly find yourself outgrowing it’s functionality and wanting to do more than you can with it. As a basic blogging platform it’s a good start, but it’s worth it to install your own WordPress. If you currently have a blog and want to move to a blog you host on your own domain, you’re in luck – has an easy export feature that allows you to create a file to import into your own blog for quick transfer of posts, pages, comments, and more.

Check out‘s blog hosting plan and get started with a WordPress blog on your own domain today!