Congratulations to the graduating Class 2010. As you enter the “real world”in the midst of a highly competitive job market, your technological prowess can help you differentiate yourself from other prospective employees. If you’ve found a job, use your knowledge of technology to improve your work and expand your roles in your new position. If you are still job hunting, supplement your resume with new skills that will help you land the perfect job. Here are a few suggestions for basic tech skills we think every new graduate should know:

Basic Web Languages – Take the time to learn basic HTML, including things like creating hyperlinks, formatting text, and building basic webpages. if you feel especially ambitions learn CSS to control website style and layout, XML for storing and transporting data, PHP for creating dynamic web content, and any number of other useful languages. It can be a bit intimidating, but it’s also very easy to learn small chunks at a time.

Blogging and Social Networks – All signs indicate that the future of the web is based in social activity and communication. Learn how to utilize popular social networks for communicating effectively with a wide variety of connections. Take the time to familiarize yourself with blogging. WordPress is a particularly popular blogging program that can be self-hosted and uses PHP and CSS. Put those web language skills to use to create highly customized sites!

Domain and Hosting Tools – Understand the importance of a domain name and how they help the Internet IP address system function. Know how to set up web hosting and custom email using your own domain name, and learn how to use file transfer protocol (FTP) to upload files and set up websites using web hosting. Finally, investigate how content management systems (including programs like WordPress) function and how they utilize databases to store content within a dynamic website.

Google Tools – Google has an entire range of products (most of which are free) that can improve your online experience. Learn how to use Google Apps, Google Calendar for reading RSS feeds, Analytics for website tracking and statistics, Webmaster tools to see how your site is indexed in Google’s search, or Adwords for advertising on the biggest search engine and ad network available. And that’s just a start.

Web Browsers and Plugins – Become familiar with the most common web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Chrome and Firefox in particular have large numbers of plugins and extensions that can improve your browsing experience and make you a better, more efficient Internet user.

Start building your technical knowledge today by getting started with a domain name and hosting from The skills you gain will be incredibly valuable to your career in both the short and long-term.

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