There has been lots of coverage of ICANN’s announcement last week to allow the creation of numerous new TLDs. This will potentially have a big impact on domain names and the organization of the web in general, and plenty of people have stated their own opinions on the decision. Below are links to a wide variety of opinions on the decision.

Is This The Death Of Dot Com?

“A .brand TLD gives marketers much greater control of their online identities. You can now promote your brand at the root of the Internet with shorter, less technical URLs. You can combine all your Web properties, including product sites, campaign microsites, and country-specific Web sites, under a single brand umbrella.”

Dot-com has its place in new Web domain landscape

“Some experts in the domain name industry are calling this a pointless service created by ICANN to profit off companies that will pay just to secure a brand identity. In turn, it also means more business for marketing agencies charged with giving a useful purpose to the costly extensions.”

The Internet Community Says Thank You to ICANN for New TLDs

“The New Top-Level Domain (TLD) Program has been controversial at times and has fuelled many passionate debates within the Internet community. However, it is important to remember that the implementation of new TLDs is written into ICANN’s founding mandate. It is also important to appreciate the level of research, planning, consultation, discussion and compromise that has gone into getting to this point.”

ICANN haz .youridentityhere

“By letting the market decide what is a desirable address, ICANN won’t be criticized for taking years to create top level domains that nobody really wants — while for some inexplicable reason never creating one we could really use: .movie.”

New gTLDs: Floodgates for Spammers?

“People are already trained to understand that the language of the Internet is .com, it’s a meme that has permeated society. Yeah, a personalized domain might look cool, but the people who can afford it will probably have to revert back to the user experience, and users will continue to use and recognize the .com. If you want to make money, don’t confuse your users! I could be wrong about that. But I doubt it.”

ICANN’t Believe It: New Internet Rules Will Be a Mess

“Think about what a mess this is going to become. Sure, any average Joe won’t be able to grab .ibm, but what’s to stop 5,000 different companies from clamoring for .computer? And how confusing is this going to get from a user perspective?”

Web address boom could be search engine boon

“The decision to open the Internet to a flood of Web addresses ending in anything from company names to social movements could prove a boon to search engines.”

At, we’re excited to see what exactly comes of this unknown quantity of new TLDs, and it’ll be a busy year for us preparing for the launch of numerous new TLDs. We’ll have to decide which ones to offer, when to offer them, and what prices to sell them at. We’ve known the approval of new TLDs was likely for a while now, but as of last week it’s no longer an “if”, but a “when”.

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