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It’s back to school season for high schools, secondary schools, and universities around the world. As students get back in the swing of things, encourages you (and the students in your life) to begin thinking about the benefits of registering a domain name. Here are three great reasons why personalized domain names are great for helping students explore their passions as well as convey professionalism to employers:

Creative Web Presence 

Aspiring photography students and budding graphic designers can create web galleries to showcase their portfolios; electrical engineering students have the option to create a personal blog discussing their latest hardware hacks. Students graduating college can build a personal website displaying thesis research results and final projects to search for relevant internships. Creating a space where you have control of what’s visible, in an age where social media privacy features are constantly changing, employers, family members, and your outer network will start seeing your personal website when doing an online search of your name. It’s a great way to maintain your professional online presence.

Important Life Skills

In our experience, employers look for candidates who are constantly seeking to improve themselves. In today’s job market, being tech-savvy and web-literate is one of the best ways for students to set themselves apart when it comes time to graduate. Basic languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are the bare bones in front-end website design. Whether you’re a liberal arts student pursuing a degree in journalism or philosophy, or if you’re aspiring to receive a degree in education, business, or engineering, building your own site sets you up with skills that set you apart from others in your field.

 Improves Employment Prospects

The content displayed on your website will help employers determine your interests. Students can take their websites and turn them into side-projects and new business ventures. Are you interested in jewelry making? Create a basic website, take photographs of your jewelry, and display your pictures on your website. This same website can also be a placeholder for your resume, ongoing projects, “about me” page, and so much more. It’s a one stop shop for visitors to learn about you and what you enjoy doing.

Where to Start?

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, take a look at our Web Hosting plans. These plans give you control of building your own website from scratch using tools such as SiteBuilder or WordPress. With this option, you have maximum control in customization, but this also includes an application vault with plenty of options to help build and manage a website. You will also get custom email included with your plan.

Welcome back to school! Remember, your next great idea starts with a great domain name.

Do you have questions about buying a domain name and web hosting for your next great idea? Ask us in the comments.


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