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In a recent post, we discussed how to effectively manage your time. Time management is crucial these days. With all of our daily distractions, it’s hard to get everything done. Thankfully, we have technology to help us. And whether it’s just a few minutes during our morning cup (or three) of coffee, or while unwinding at night, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes each day re-prioritizing our tasks.

The fast approaching holiday season also makes time management much harder, which is why we have created a great list of tools to help keep you on track through the end of the year. Hopefully, you find these just as useful as we do!

1.    Teamweek

Working on a team can be difficult as everyone has different schedules and different deadlines to meet. Teamweek is a great cloud-based tool to help teams know exactly who’s working on what and which projects are in the process of being completed. It’s accessible anywhere, so it makes planning easy for everyone.


2.    Evernote

The Internet is buzzing with news about Evernote, the notetaking tool that aims to help you remember “everything.” Evernote is easy to use and allows you to take notes, clip webpages, plan trips, or even remember that amazing bottle of wine you discovered at your favorite French restaurant. It’s compatible with all your devices (in fact, it works better when it’s on all your devices) and syncs to them too.

Evernote Search

3.    Box

This cloud-based app makes sharing folders and files easy, whether you’re sending a project to team members, or emailing folders of private photo albums to friends and family. You get 10 GB of free storage to start and it’s also accessible everywhere.

Box Updates Page

4.    Cardmunch

This free iPhone app turns your business cards into contacts on your phone. With all the conferences regularly attends, we wish we had found this app sooner! All you do is take a picture of a business card and upload it to CardMunch. Because LinkedIn owns the app, your uploaded photo also automatically pulls the card owner’s Linkedin profile. This gives you the option of adding the person to your network, or viewing your mutual connections. It doesn’t get easier than that!

CardMunch Upload Screen

5.    Blue Apron

This is a great subscription service for anyone who loves to cook, but has limited time. Once a week, Blue Apron will deliver fresh ingredients and recipes to help you make three total meals. Each meal takes only 35 minutes to prepare and each one is designed to be just as healthy as it is delicious. This is a great service for singles or couples because it makes the cooking process easy and eliminates the tedious task of grocery shopping.

Blue Apron Order Screen 

Do you have any tools or apps that you love to use not on this list? Share them with us in the comments below or tweet us @Domaindotcom!


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