#SmallBizSatSmall Business Saturday is a “day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country.”[1] Not only will many of us at Domain.com shop and dine at local establishments, but we encourage small business owners without websites to consider getting online backed by Domain.com.

Why get online?  A website acts as an extension of your physical business.  Customers, or prospective customers, are able to easily identify what you offer from the comfort of their own computers.  With a website, you’re able to keep your customers apprised of new products, sales/discounts/specials, business hours, contact information, and so much more.

In our first installment of the #SmallBizSat Series, we provide recommendations for winning over new customers and keeping them loyal.

Tailor Customer Communication & Support

When a customer makes his or her first purchase, it’s not a bad idea to follow-up with a phone call and/or email to offer up help or answer any outstanding questions.  Keep track of your customers (the date of their first purchase, the types of products they are buying, how frequently they make purchases, how often they need assistance) and check in with them periodically. Schedule your outreach for times that make sense – when you unveil a new product, our on the anniversary of a customer’s first purchase.

Customer Spotlights

Ask some of your more loyal customers if you can feature them in a “customer spotlight,” which you’ll post on your site, across social media, and maybe even in an email newsletter.  There are many different ways that this can be done- in a Q&A format, video submission, or blog post. Sweeten the deal and reward them for their help.  Begin slowly, with one or two spotlights a month.  We guarantee that within time your customers will begin asking you to be included (instead of you reaching out to them).


Loyalty and referral programs are great to get customers to stick with you because there is something in it for them.  This is going to vary from business to business, but create an incentive program that works with what you’re selling.  Buy nine, get the tenth one free, tiered discounts, and/or freebies will all encourage repeat purchases.  Tweak these based on your different customers (see “tailor customer communication & support” above).

Social Media & Email

Stay active and engaged both on social media and on email.  Post frequently and give updates, send out weekly/bi-weekly/monthly email newsletters.  Vary your content so that you’re not repeating the same things over and over again – conduct polls, asks questions, run little contests and giveaways.  Respond quickly to questions and feedback. Let you’re customers know that you’re there forthem.

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we’re offering a free domain name with every web hosting purchase.  With 24/7 customer support, our highly trained team can help you get online in minutes.

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[1] https://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/small-business/shop-small/about/