Social Media Brainstorm

Having trouble seeing results from your social media marketing campaigns? In this series we will focus on three popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to help you gain new followers, engage with users, and drive visitors to your website.

This post hones in on the main parts of your profiles, pages, and activity through Twitter. We have five easy hacks to help you get the most out of your Twitter engagement and most importantly, get increased traffic to your site.

1.    Link your business’s website in your profile bio.

Why add a link to your profile if there’s already a website field included? As you might have guessed, the website field doesn’t show up everywhere on Twitter and may go unnoticed by potential new users who search keywords related to your business.

When searching for a specific topic, the results below show that the business with a linked website stands out compared to the others.

Vacation Rental Twitter Search

Influencer ranking sites like Klout only show your Twitter bio and leave out the website field completely, making that secondary link even more valuable. As you see in the example below, the Twitter bio is copied onto Klout’s description page and includes the link.

Klout Profile

Using a website link in your bio also gives Twitter users various ways to connect to you and your business.

Twitter Profile Bio Example

2.    Ask employees to link your business’s Twitter handle in their profile bios

This is an easy way to increase exposure to your business. Take Lyft’s example. When employees link @Lyft in their profile bios, they instantly show up at the top of the search feed, giving viewers more opportunities to click to Lyft’s Twitter page.

@Lyft Twitter Search

 These three employees have a combined exposure of about 10,000 followers!

Ask employees to help spread the word about your business by linking to your business’s Twitter page. It’s easy, it builds team morale, and it helps with branding.

3.    Share branded pictures and videos that link back to your site

If a viewer is visiting your business’s page for the first time, it’s common for them to scroll through your media gallery. This is a great opportunity to brand images and videos with your logo while linking back to your site. In the example below, our friends at Film Riot posted media with their logo displayed. They’re also linking to the YouTube video and adding #filmriot at the end of the tweet.

Film Riot Twitter Media Gallery

 4.    Turn tweets into testimonials

Are customers happy with your product or service? If customers are tweeting positive things about your business, we assume you’re retweeting  and thanking them for the kind words. Additionally, we encourage you to ask these customers if you can use their positive feedback in testimonial campaigns. Without tooting our horn too much, we’re pretty proud of our customers (we have some of the best out there), and love displaying positive feedback on the site. Customer Testimonials

 5.    Tweet industry related news

When you tweet out links to relevant articles, blog posts, and other media from thought leaders in your industry, it opens dialogue and discussion. Your followers will appreciate that your business understands the industry it’s in. Tweeting industry related news gives you a chance to connect with other thought leaders through social media and gives your business credibility.

We hope you find these Twitter hacks useful when it comes to your business’s social media marketing strategy. Stay tuned for our next installment in this series: Social Media Marketing: 5 Quick Fixes That Will Drive Successful Results through Facebook.

If you have some tips that we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments below!