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We love to help our customers create awesome websites that attract more visitors. If you follow our blog, you’ve probably read our tips on creating a better, stronger website. Whether we discussed optimization, social media etiquette, or which domains work best for your small business, we’ve covered a great deal of stuff you should include.

In this post, we thought we’d take a different approach. Here’s a list of things to avoid when creating a website for your small business or next great idea.


1.    Expect Visitors

Creating a site doesn’t magically give you visitors. Create a strategy to acquire these users. For example, connect with thought leaders or bloggers within your industry to have them start talking about your business (and linking to your site). If you have the budget, use Google Ads or Facebook Ads to advertise your site. This is also a great way to learn about your target demographic.

2.    Be Intimidated

As an entrepreneur or new business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. It’s okay to take the easy way out sometimes to ensure you have a great website that doesn’t look homemade. Taking the easy way could mean hiring a contract web designer to help you set up your site. Try using Domain.com’s Site Builder or start with a simple Word Press blog to create a great website in minutes! Remember, you don’t have to be a computer engineer to create an awesome website.

3.    Force People to Think Too Much

When you include a ton of information and overload your site with graphics, not only does it take a long time to load, it also looks busy, cluttered, and unprofessional.  Forcing people to hunt for what they need will turn visitors away.

4. Think You Can Do it Yourself in a Day

Start small and build from there. Put your key information on your site and include minimal graphics and other media. After implementing your marketing strategy and observing an increase in traffic, start budgeting out what you need to get a media and content rich site.

5.    Add a Blog

Initially, your website will do a lot better if the focus remains on the product or service you’re offering. Once you know you have return visitors who would benefit from additional information, add a blog and begin building your brand’s voice.

6.    Add Too Many Social Media Buttons

Avoid clutter on your homepage by minimizing the social media buttons you include links to. Not only does this drive traffic away from your site, it also confuses your viewers by expecting them to connect to too many social media sites. Try to include the three main social platforms you use such as the popular ones: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

7.    Try to Please Everyone

You won’t make all your visitors happy, but that’s okay. Choose key features after A/B testing, or testing two versions of every feature on your site (from button design to the registration flow) to see which ones work. Keeping it simple and focused will provide a better experience.

8.    Add Fake Customer Testimonials

You’re just starting out. Don’t overkill your testimonials page by including hundreds of testimonials (that you produced yourself) because you want to seem like an established site. Not only does this look tacky, it also doesn’t look authentic.

9.    Use Flash

This is a huge no-no. Many smartphones don’t support Adobe flash and if you know a thing or two about smartphones, you know most people access websites through them these days.

10. Expect Your Website to Be Perfect From The Start

Your website isn’t going to be perfect the day it goes live. You’ll find typos, design flaws, slow load times, etc. Factor this into your strategy and realize it may take months to get a great, finished website.

As always, remember to keep your website clean. Focus on functionality rather than loading various content that might not be relevant to your product or service.  We’re confident you’ll turn your next great idea into reality if you use these tips!

We hope you enjoyed this list of DON’Ts. If you feel we left any key tips out, please share in the comments below or tweet us @domaindotcom.