[photo credit: Tamira Jarrel ]

If you’re a blogger eager to grow your reader base, you already know that increasing traffic to your site is not always easy. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a reminder of what’s most important and crucial to a blog’s success. Below are six suggestions to keep in mind when taking steps to make your blog better.

Find Your Voice

As a blogger, what are you trying to achieve? A clearly defined purpose and a unique point-of-view will make the writing process, and the audience building process, easier.

In the same vein, try to keep each of your posts formatted in the same way. You’ll have an easier time retaining readers if they know what to expect each time they visit your site.

Strong, Consistent Content

You want to keep your readers interested and focused. You need to not just state the facts; you need to be a storyteller when you do it. Hook people by answering the questions to what they want to know. Keep your writing concise – if everything you need and want to say can be achieved in 500 words, only write 500 words.

When it comes to the frequency of your blog posts, there’s no fast and hard rule. But be consistent so that people know what to expect. Whether you plan to post once a day, once a week, or once a month, stick to that schedule.

Easily Shareable

If you want your content to be easily digestible to a broad audience, you need to consider the denseness of your writing. It’s ok to get technical if you’re targeting a segmented readership, but when you’re writing for a wider audience, make sure to use language that is common and identifiable.

You may also want to use gifs, YouTube videos, and memes within your posts to explain the more difficult or technical concepts of your writing. Video and graphical breaks work especially well in lengthier posts.

Engage and Network

Facebook and LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, and Twitter chats are great places to engage and network with an audience that may not know you or your blog exists.

You should also consider joining online forums and commenting on Reddit threads that discuss the topics you are interested in writing about. Or, if possible, take it offline, and attend conferences or local meet-ups where you’ll meet other bloggers, and individuals who will be able to help you expand your reach.

Promote Others

The blogger community often uses a reciprocal approach to promoting others online. If you’re sharing content, posting comments, and frequently engaging, other bloggers will be more than willing to share your writing.

Ask For Help

If you’re writing on a topic that’s new or slightly foreign to you, asking for help brings you multiple benefits. For one thing, when you ask an expert for help, you’re drawing attention to yourself and the work you are creating. Second, you’ll save time and money when you get the accurate information you need from a credible source.

If you’re hitting most of the points that we’ve touched upon in this post, then you’re well on your way to becoming a successful blogger. If there are a few that you’re missing, consider taking some time to reevaluate your strategy.