Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Computer science drives innovation and growth in the U.S. economy and yet only 33 states allow computer science courses to count for high school graduation. Computer science is a critical component to students’ education. In fact, research is indicating that computer science can help improve students’ performance in other subjects, such as calculus. Outside of high school and college, professions that use computer science are the number one source of new wages.

If computer science is so important, then why do only six states in the U.S. have K-12 computer science standards? Computer Science Education Week is trying to change that. Computer Science Education Week connects with stakeholders in local communities and schools to advocate for computer science courses. Now that over seven million Americans in the workforce use computing in their jobs, it’s essential that students are able to develop the skills necessary to be successful. Computer education is no longer confined to just STEM professions; professionals across all industries are using computers in complex ways.

If you want to get involved with advocating for computer science in your local school, Computer Science Education Week has all the materials and resources you need to make your case. If you have a student that’s showing interest in computer science, have them participate in an Hour of Code or attend an event near you.

Join Domain.com and millions of others across the globe in supporting computer science education. Spread the word to your friends and advocate in your community.