What should the team work on today?

It’s a simple question that often leads to the confounding answer: it depends, what needs to get done?

Whether your team is in-house or scattered throughout the globe, you can stay on the same page, and know what everyone is working on, by using a central marketing calendar.

With the same calendar, you can keep tabs on current or upcoming campaigns, track the right goals, and prioritize work to meet the right deadlines.

Then every morning after you open up your business, you’ll know the task that needs to be crossed off your list first, and what everyone else on the team is crossing off theirs.

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What is a marketing calendar?

Just like using one calendar to track time off during the holidays, a marketing calendar gives your entire team a view what’s happening and when. The goal is to keep track of how and when your business interacts with customers. A marketing calendar can record when new email marketing campaigns launch, a new banner ad is released, or a new product is unveiled to customers.

A central calendar only works when your entire organization can see it. If everyone knows what’s happening, from your front-of-store cashiers to your warehouse staff, your business benefits. Ideas come from anywhere, and even little increases in efficiency, like a cashier preparing for a rush after the launch of a new product, can make your business better.

List all of your team’s current tasks

The first step to creating your central marketing calendar is for you, and your employees, to list all current and upcoming projects. Knowing what everyone is working on helps to keep your team from repeating the same work. This insight also increases collaboration, as one team member that finishes early can pitch in to help another complete their project.

Nobody wants to repeat work, but seeing that a team member is currently blocked helps the rest of your organization come together and attack important issues. Make sure your team lists current blockages when noting their current projects. If one team member is waiting for the release of a new product before designing an email, you can provide mock ups of the product  to help them succeed.

Line up your marketing deadlines

Once you have all of your tasks listed, it’s time to prioritize. You can’t work on a year’s worth of projects at the same time, so a calendar helps put it all into perspective. Set a deadline for every campaign or task, and then align your deadlines on the calendar for the whole team to see.

You might be able to track projects and campaigns in your head if they’re simple, but for multiple deadlines a calendar is a must. If you’re about to release a new project, you’ll want to create a series of emails that go out a week before the release, a few days before the release, and again the day the product is released. That means your team needs to hit their email design deadline at least a week ahead of the launch date.

Create a calendar for your team of one

When you’re the only one responsible for your marketing, without a team to back you up, or worry about, you need a calendar even more. Without carefully keeping track of your tasks, you could open up your business on the morning of a new product launch without ever emailing a single customer about it.

Instead, hold yourself accountable just as you would hold your team accountable, tracking your current campaigns, tasks, and deadlines on a single calendar. This also lets you visually keep tabs on what is happening when, so you can manage your time more effectively and stay ahead with your marketing. Time management is vital, so you still have time for the day-to-day operation of your business.

Calendar together to promote working together

What needs to get done to help your team succeed and your business grow? With a central marketing calendar, the answer is easy to find. No matter if your team is in-house, remote, or currently a team of one, tracking your current marketing campaigns, tasks, and goals helps to get things done. Build a calendar and help collaboration carry your business to success.

Collaborate from anywhere with the productivity tools you already love, and establish your business on Domain.com.