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Author and Content Marketing Manager, who believes stories are the most powerful thing humans have ever invented, and the stories businesses tell their customers can be just as important.

How to Maintain Your Side Hustle Without Hurting Your Day Job

Wake up. Traffic. Work. Traffic. TV. Bed. Wake up. Traffic. Work. Traffic. TV. Bed. Wake– Exhausted yet? Somewhere in between all that work and traffic, you need to turn your side hustle into a full time gig–without falling asleep at your desk. You don’t need to turn into a vampire, stay up all night, and

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Why You Should Secure Misspellings and Alternatives of Your Domain Name

Helo. Strt aticle. Kep reeding. When a customer misspells your domain name, will they still make it to your website? Instead of hoping each customer is an expert speller, you can buy misspellings of your domain name to keep search traffic heading in your direction. If you’re just starting to get your idea online, buying

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Establish Authority with a Professional Email Handle and Custom Domain

An email from lands in your inbox. It asks, “Who’s ready for a financial planning consultation?” Even if Jerry really does have the hottest pants in all the land, I’d hesitate before handing over my retirement savings. Something as simple an email address makes a big impact on how people perceive your business. Since

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How to Know if Your Great Idea is Ready to be a Business

This is going to be the greatest blog post you have ever read. Maybe. Confidence in your idea is important, but everyone has their doubts. You could start promoting your business right away, but it often helps to ask yourself a few questions before sharing your idea with the world. Run your idea through the

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How to Use Subdomains to Make Your Website Work Harder

In an age where online book sales make opening a brick and mortar bookstore sound crazy, some entrepreneurs are still thriving. How? By drawing customers through their front door for more than one reason, such as a craft beer or wine bar, or a selection of premium coffee and espresso, on top of a great

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A Glossary of Domain Terms

Updated September 11, 2019.  There's more to domain names than you might think.  Since the right domain name is essential to getting your business online and raising awareness for your brand, we’ve created this Glossary of Domain Terms to further your understanding of everything related to domain names. If you want to learn more about

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Everything You Need to Know About Domain Names: A Quick Start Guide

Updated September 11, 2019.  Have an idea for a business or just a really great idea? Are you ready to take it online? Well, it all starts with a great domain.  So we’ve gathered all of the essential information you need to find a domain name that stands out, looks professional, and attracts the right

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Should You Invest in a Premium Website Domain Name?

Soft cover or hardcover? It’s every book nerd’s classic dilemma. The choice is yours, but given the choice, I’d skip the paperback. Any worthy investment will consider the long term, such as a hardcover that sticks around after decades of rereads, while the soft cover disintegrates. If you don’t believe me, I have a few

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When to Buy a New Domain and When to Buy an Expired One

Your first thought when buying a car is always the same: new or used? The process of buying a domain name starts the same way. Do you want a brand new domain or an expired one with previously established traffic? The benefits and the drawbacks are similar, but choosing the right domain depends on your

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What is a Domain Extension and Which One Should You Choose?

Updated September 12, 2019.  Your business needs to put its best foot forward to reach all of the customers in your audience. A great domain name can help you do that, but with so many different domain extensions, or top-level domains (TLDs) available, how do you know which one to use? The right TLD depends

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