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Comparing Web Hosting Packages – A Helpful Guide

Selecting a great web hosting package can be crucial to the overall success of your business, particularly if your business is run primarily online. We know that wading through the details can be daunting, so the team at has put together a helpful guide to aid you in selecting a great package that will

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Types of Web Hosting: A Helpful Guide

Do you know what web hosting is and how it influences your site? If this is your first foray into the world of website building and hosting, then welcome! At we are dedicated to assisting you with your web hosting needs from the start of your idea. We know that there is a lot

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How to Change Your Website Domain Name

According to Business Insider, more than two in three Americans will make an online purchase at some point in 2018. Of these online shoppers, a significant minority are making multiple purchases throughout the year. With the continued dominance and growth of Amazon, those numbers are only going to continue trending upwards. As a result, owning

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What is Web Hosting: Web Hosting Defined

Smart businesses are shifting more and more online, changing from a local business to a world wide business serving customers all over. It’s helpful to understand the different aspects of web hosting before making a choice that will affect the growth of your business down the road. Use the helpful guide below to help your

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How to Find a Domain Name Owner

Are you trying to learn how to find a domain name owner, but don’t know where to start? If you want to find the owner of a domain name, it’s essential to first understand the meaning of a domain name. It’s helpful to think of the relationship between a domain name and a website in

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Why Having a Domain Name is Important

Whether you own an existing business or have an idea for a startup, you need a strong online presence. Usually, the first thing your potential customer will do when searching out your product or service is to conduct a web search, and if your website is relatively easy to find and navigate, you’ll greatly increase

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Domain Name Expirations: What You Need to Know

Website Domain names are the primary address a person or a business reserves to establish and distinguish themselves on the worldwide web. This name acts as a billboard, alerting potential customers of who you are, where you are, and what goods or services you provide. A website without a domain name cannot be found since

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Types of Domain Names: A Helpful Guide

Long gone are the days of consumers shopping only at physical stores. With the help of the internet many retailers do most of their business online, and businesses not utilizing ecommerce are caught scrambling to create an online presence. By year’s end, economic forecasts expect American e-commerce sales to surpass a half trillion dollars with

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Website vs Domain: What’s the Difference

Every day, thousands of businesses are either moving or expanding their business offerings into the virtual space. The dotcom boom not only changed the world of retail but also foreshadowed changing consumer trends as the world began to truly embrace technological change. As smartphones, laptops, and iPads became a part of daily life, businesses shifted

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What is a Domain Name Extension?

Prior to the early 1980’s, in order to visit a host on a network, the user would be required to type in an IP address, which is a numerical string of code consisting of digits and periods. Computers on this early network were able to communicate and locate one another using these numerical Internet Protocol

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