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Welcome to the new! We've upgraded our blog's domain name to include one of the newest nTLDs available- .BLOG. Instead of, you can now read all of our latest updates at We couldn't be more excited to be embracing nTLDs on our own site! It’s easy to see why .BLOG is perfect

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July’s nTLD Roundup: .PARTY, .CAMP, and .VACATIONS

Summer is in full swing for us at! In honor of all the fun activities on our calendars, July’s nTLD Roundup is featuring some summer-themed domain extensions. Let us introduce you to .PARTY, .CAMP, and .VACATIONS! There’s no better time to host a killer party than summer! If you’re a party planner, a venue,

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June’s nTLD Roundup: .DESIGN and .STORE

Summer is finally here and all of us at are starting to warm up from cold winters in the Vancouver and Boston offices. It’s fitting that for June’s nTLD Roundup we’re featuring some of the hottest domain extensions of the month: .DESIGN and .STORE. .DESIGN got its shoutout in a previous nTLD Roundup, but

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May’s nTLD Roundup: TechCrunch Disrupt NY Edition

In honor of TechCrunch Disrupt New York, we’ve selected a special group of domain extensions to highlight in our latest nTLD Roundup. TechCrunch Disrupt New York is one of the biggest events of the year, where new technologies are introduced and industry-disrupting startups make their debut. Competition to attract investors is stiff, but we know

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April’s nTLD Roundup: .NINJA and .CA

The beginning of April means it's time for another nTLD Roundup! This month, we’re featuring two domains that may not be brand new, but they're essentials of our growing nTLD list. Let us introduce you to .NINJA and .CA. Share your mastery and subject matter expertise with a .NINJA domain name. It doesn’t matter if you excel in

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March’s nTLD Roundup: .CLOUD and .BLACK

We're back with another monthly nTLD Roundup! Every month, we share with our readers our favorite domain extensions. For March, we're highlighting brand new nTLD .CLOUD and .BLACK. .CLOUD is brand new and just entered general availability on! With a website backed by .CLOUD, you can create a singular space to connect resources online. .CLOUD encourages

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February’s nTLD Roundup: .CARS and .WINE

After a short hiatus,’s monthly nTLD Roundup is back for 2016! It’s our goal to alert our readers to some of our favorite nTLDs. This month we’re featuring nTLDs that have just entered general availability. Let us introduce you to .CARS and .WINE. Drive your brand with .CARS! Perfect for dealerships, mechanics, manufacturers, and enthusiasts,

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December’s nTLD Roundup: Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays to all of our readers! It's the beginning of a new month which means it's time for another nTLD Roundup. For December, we chose domain extensions that will help you and your website get in the holiday spirit. We’re celebrating .GIFT, .HOLIDAY, and .FAMILY! Building a campaign around gratitude during the holiday season is

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November’s nTLD Roundup: .LOL and .BLACKFRIDAY

It's the beginning of November and that means it's time for a new nTLD Roundup! It’s our goal every month to alert our readers to some of our favorite nTLDs. This month, laugh with .LOL and score some deals with .BLACKFRIDAY. There is no doubt what .LOL stands for! If your website makes your audience laugh

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October’s nTLD Roundup: .NGO/.ONG and .PHOTOGRAPHY

It’s the beginning of the month, which means it’s time for’s nTLD Roundup! For October, we’re covering nTLDs for two industries where social causes and passions come alive. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than .NGO/.ONG and .PHOTOGRAPHY. Are you a non-governmental organization or nonprofit? Secure your credibility with a .NGO

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